2 Huge Shows And A Free Download

We’ll be playing an exclusive show in the northeast on Oct 27th at Infamy in Nashua, NH. Dead Harrison will also be performing! Tickets are going fast on this one, so get them while you can by clicking here!

After that we’re flying to England to perform at Whitby Gothic Weekend with William Control, Diary Of Dreams, and many more! Our performance takes place on Nov 2nd! Click the image below for details!

And just because we love you, we’re offering “Find Forever Gone” as a free download! Go get it and share the link on your facebook, twitter, etc… <3
Download Find Forever Gone

Gopal… Live!!

Come celebrate the release of THE BEST OF BELLA MORTE (1996-2012) with us on Aug. 3rd at The Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VA!

This will be Gopal’s 1st show with the band in over 5 years, so you won’t want to miss this historic event! Plus, we’ve got Lauren Hoffman and Synthetic Division performing as well!

Click here for tickets!


Old-school documentary

Bella Morte – Live And On The Road

This documentary shot in 2001 by Chad VanPelt follows the band across the country on one of our first tours. Included are interviews, live concert footage, and plenty of goofing off… These were such fun times! And there is plenty more to come… expect a new Bella Morte album this fall!

Free download!

Put on your bunny ears and download this never-before released version of Soma for free! (sharing this with your friends would be appreciated!)

When we released this song on a Cleopatra Records compilation (A Tribute To The Smashing Pumpkins) years ago they edited out a minute or so of the track without letting us know they were doing it. Total asshole move. So here it is, in its entirety as it was meant to be, free to you!

Happy secular Easter, Bella Morte fans!

Click here to download Soma now!

The Best Of Bella Morte 1996 – 2012

Metropolis Records is now taking pre-orders for THE BEST OF BELLA MORTE 1996-2012! We’re so psyched about this release! The album includes highlights from all 9 of our albums, and features a newly-recorded version of Evensong with Gopal Metro on bass for the first time in many years! And don’t worry, a best of album doesn’t mean an end to the band… we have a brand new full length album coming out this fall.

I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished over the 1st 18 years of the band, and want to thank all of our AMAZING fans for standing by us all this time. Bella Morte is as much a family as it is a band, and I feel lucky as hell to be a part of it!



Best of Bella Morte

My take on Evil Dead 2013

I live in a small college town that doesn’t cater much to horror fiends such as me. We’re more likely to get a Dave Matthews clone performing here than a Misfits cover band. So imagine my surprise when a Bella Morte fan-turned-friend sent me a message with two free tickets to a local, early screening of Evil Dead attached! I was thrilled; reserved my seat right away and started watching the clock. When me and my crew arrived the theater was only half full, or half empty if you’re a pessimist. The lights dimmed and the screen jumped to life, and this horror-nerd was excited enough to scream. Several folks have asked my opinion of the film, so I’m going to give it.

First off, don’t compare this to the original. If you do there’s a damn good chance you’ll come away hating it. No matter what, this modern telling of the tale can’t compare just based on the original film’s place in horror cinema history. The original Evil Dead is a landmark in horror, and changed the genre forever. The new one doesn’t have a shot in hell at accomplishing this, as it’s a remake, which makes treading new ground much more of a challenge. I’m stepping lightly here because I hate spoilers and don’t want to give anything away.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way… I loved it. Loved the grim, serious tone, the uncompromising gore (actually there was a slight compromise to get from NC-17 down to R, but I assume the blu ray will remedy that), and beautifully creepy sets. The demons are much more human in appearance in this one. Gone are the outrageous masks from the first film, replaced by glowing eyes and pale skin made monstrous by acts of self-mutilation. And it works. It’s downright horrifying and the “monster in the basement” bit works nearly as well in this one as it did in the classic. The frantic, relentless tone of the original is present here, but it’s a much more controlled, clean form of chaos. On top of everything else, Jane Levy rocked in the lead role… killed it!

So yeah, go see it, and don’t go into the theater with a chip on your shoulder about being old school. There’s some good shit spilling out of the new school right about now!

PS- Stick around through the credits… You’ll be glad you did!