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Join us on the 2013 Gothic Cruise!

What could be better than a week at sea with your favorite goth band? Nothing! :) We’re officially booked to perform on the 2013 Gothic Cruise! Start making travel plans ASAP, as space is limited and we fully expect this awesome, unique event to sell out!

Get more info here!

Coming this Valentine’s Day – Rare and Unreleased (volume 1)

This Valentine’s Day (February 14th) we’ll be releasing a digital-only collection of hard to find tracks from the early days of the band!  Mark your calendars and spread the word!

BELLA MORTE – Rare and Unreleased (volume 1)
This digital-only release compiles material from the early years of Bella Morte.  It features the song “Fall No More” from the “Vampire The Masquerade : Music From The Succubus Club” compilation, available for the first time in years.  Included in its entirety is the bands’ first EP “Remorse” which was recorded in the band’s rehearsal space directly to cassette soon after the band was formed. “Remorse” was sold as a cassette-only, limited-edition EP, and helped to fund Bella Morte’s debut full-length album, “Remains”.   Also included on this compilation is a cover of the classic 45 Grave song “Party Time” which was made famous by the film “Return of the Living Dead”, and the long sought after “Through The Window”, which was recorded for the album “The Quiet” but was never released.

This album will be available through Amazon, iTunes and most anywhere that sells digital music!

Before the Flood album release party

Check us out live at The Southern Music Hall in Charlottesville, VA on July 9th as we celebrate the release of our new album BEFORE THE FLOOD!  Doors open at 9pm and all ages are welcome.

Advance tickets are $6, & we advise getting them, especially if you are coming from out of town as the show will likely sell out.

Confirmed for Connooga 2011

If you weren’t at Connooga last year, you missed one hell of a good time! The event takes place in Chattanooga, TN Feb. 18th thru Feb 20th. We’ll be performing at midnight on Saturday, Feb. 19th, and will also appear on several music and writing panels… You can expect another unplugged set from us as well! I’ll post more details as they roll in… ~A

Connooga – The Fallout

I wanted to drop in last night with a note but was too exhausted to make it happen. I ended up asleep on the couch with a cat on my head within fifteen minutes of coming through the door.  But I wanted to thank all our fans for making Connooga such an amazing experience!  I’ll be posting photos from the event shortly.

For those who don’t know, we’ve been working on a video for our song “In the Dirt” with Troma Films.  There’s a scene where the Toxic Avenger and Leslie (one fine Tromette!) chase the band into a classroom and eventually stomps my head into a fine red paste.  This was done using a cantaloupe filled with crushed beets.  Two perfectly good, white button-up shirts were ruined in the process, requiring a morning jaunt to Target so I’d have one for the show.  We shot the rest of the footage at the show, where Toxie and Leslie chased me off the stage.  The fans were featured heavily in this part, and Lloyd had them screaming and jumping up and down until their legs ached and their voices were sore and faint… it’s awesome to know that you guys will endure this kind of torture for us, and we love you for it!  Troma will likely finish editing the video in a month or so. If you haven’t already, sign up to our mailing list (in the left column) so I can let you know when it’s is done. It’s going to be epic! I miss Toxie already.

Tony and I performed an “unplugged” set in the exhibitor’s hall.  When we arrived we noticed there was no PA system for us to hook up to, which meant we couldn’t mic Tony’s guitar or either of our vocals… At first we thought we might not be able to do the set, but figuring we had nothing to lose decided to give it a go.  And it ended up being a truly great time.  People gathered around us like we were playing songs over a camp fire.  No microphones at all, just a guitar and a couple of voices.  It was the most naked performance we’ve ever done, and I’m left feeling like I want to do it again.  It’s amazing what can come from a seemingly negative situation if you go in with a decent attitude.

I met some fellow authors at the author panels… Dan Jolley, D.A. Adams, Stephen Zimmer (whose identity I briefly stole), Shane Berryhill, Mary Kowal, Robert Freese, and a few others I’m sure to be forgetting at the moment due to the fact that I consider 11am to be early.  Check these guys out, and if you ever run into any of them, remind them that they owe me lunch… and dessert. The panels were a lot of fun, even if my tendency to goof off sent us flying off course every ten minutes or so.

Tony and I were on a band panel with Ricky from Radio Cult that had no agenda whatsoever… We ended up telling our funniest and most repulsive road stories and having a blast! Sometimes chaos is the right way to go.

Huge thanks to Lloyd Kaufman, Leslie, Raven, Opal, the A NEW LOW crew, and Todd!  See you next year, Connooga!


Connooga Schedule

Connooga takes place Friday, Feb 19th through Sunday, Feb 21st in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We will be performing live and appearing on several panels.  Also, we’ll be finishing our video shoot for “In the Dirt” with Troma!

Click here for more details.

6:00 PM Friday – 7:00 PM Friday: Andy reading from “The Sticks
3:00 PM Saturday – 4:00 PM Saturday  : Authors Round Table with Andy
4:00 PM Saturday  -  5:00 PM Saturday  : From the Band’s POV
5:00 PM Saturday – 6:00 PM Saturday  : Bella Morte (acoustic performance)
11:30 PM Saturday  -  1:00 AM Sunday    : concert: Bella Morte
1:00 PM Sunday – 2:00 PM Sunday    : Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing with Andy

Andy to DJ in DC & Charlottesville, VA

Its been a long time since I last DJed, but I’m returning this Friday (Feb 5th) for Spellbound’s Alter Ego in Washington, DC. The event starts at 9pm and runs to 2:30am. Follow this link for more details.

Also, next Tuesday (Feb 9th) I’ll be spinning in my hometown of Charlottesville, VA for Umlaut at Rapture. Doors at 10pm. Click the image below for details!

Andy Deane DJs

Free Song Download

Monday at noon we’ll be offering a remix of “Find Forever Gone” for free download on MySpace! There are plans to release an album of remixes from “Beautiful Death” next year to be followed by an album of new material. Spread the word about the free download so we can get this to as many folks out there as possible!

Also, check out our photo folder of tour flyers on MySpace. If you post the main tour flyer or the flyer for your hometown as your default pic, message me hear and I’ll add you to our top friends there!

Thanks a lot everyone, looking forward to seeing you all on the road in the coming weeks!



Tonight’s Halo 3 Xbox meeting went amazingly well, so I’m thinking of making it a semi-regular event.  Thanks a lot to everyone who played tonight, I had a blast!  If you’re interested in joining next time, my screenname on Xbox live is greyskyblack.  Please send me a message with your name and where you live and I’ll take it from there.

See you on the battlefield…

Play Halo 3 online with Andy!

Hey all, I mentioned a while back that I wanted to invite fans to join me playing Halo 3 online sometime… well, that time is here! If you haven’t sent me an invite yet, my user name on Xbox Live is GreySkyBlack.

When – Wednesday, September 16th, 10pm eastern standard time.

Please send me a message here with your Xbox Live user name so I know to add you to the party when I sign on Wednesday night! And if you have a headset wear it so we can chat and talk smack!

Prepare to be pwned!

Andy Deane of Bella Morte and Master Chief

Andy Deane of Bella Morte and Master Chief

Troma Films and Dragon*Con

I recently got some very exciting news concerning Dragon*Con… I’m assuming that all Bella Morte fans are familiar with Troma Films. I’ve loved them ever since watching The Toxic Avenger as a kid. If you’re unfamiliar with Troma, immediately CLICK HERE and check ‘em out! Now, to the point… Troma is going to be shooting a Bella Morte video, and the filming starts at our performance at Dragon*Con. So, if you want a cameo in the video, work your way to the front row at the show and you’ll have a damn good shot at making the final cut! Costumes are welcome, and I’m hoping to get the Bella Morte zombie squad (see previous blog entry) in the video as well!

We’ll be going on at 1:30 am on Friday (Saturday morning if you want to get technical), September 4th in the Hyatt’s Centennial Ballroom. Be there and get loud for the Troma film crew!

Also, I got the set time for our “unplugged” performance as well… 5pm on Saturday at the concourse outside the Centennial Ballroom in the Hyatt. I still don’t have info on our panel appearances, but I’m sure I’ll know something in the coming weeks.

See you soon!

1st DragonCon update

Hey everyone, I hope this finds you well! I just got our set time for our performance at DragonCon… We’ll be going on at 1:30 am on Friday (Saturday morning if you want to get technical), September 4th in the Hyatt’s Centennial Ballroom. Those of you who have attended the convention in the past know that’s a prime time slot, so we’re psyched! I’ll let you know as details on our acoustic set and panel appearances are posted, so stay tuned bat-kids!

We’re still adding to the ranks of the undead… looking for DragonCon attendees who want to dress up as zombies and pass out flyers to spread the word about our performance. You’ll get a cool Bella Morte grab bag full of excellent swag for you efforts! Email us at if you can help out… and if you already wrote, we’ll be getting in touch with you in the next couple of days with more details.

Until Soon,