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Gopal… Live!!

Come celebrate the release of THE BEST OF BELLA MORTE (1996-2012) with us on Aug. 3rd at The Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VA!

This will be Gopal’s 1st show with the band in over 5 years, so you won’t want to miss this historic event! Plus, we’ve got Lauren Hoffman and Synthetic Division performing as well!

Click here for tickets!


Join us on the 2013 Gothic Cruise!

What could be better than a week at sea with your favorite goth band? Nothing! :) We’re officially booked to perform on the 2013 Gothic Cruise! Start making travel plans ASAP, as space is limited and we fully expect this awesome, unique event to sell out!

Get more info here!

Home from Mysticon

We made it safely home around 7pm last night after an amazing weekend at Mysticon in Roanoke, VA. To say I had fun would be the understatement of the century. There’s a vibe at these geek conventions (and being a certified geek myself, I feel a-okay using the term) that is somewhat hard to find elsewhere; A warmth of kindred souls meeting. I spent some time thinking about why that feeling exists, and came up with something very simple. People are happiest when they’re being exactly who they want to. With all the awesome, outlandish costumes at these things, it’s damn near impossible to judge anyone. So everyone seems comfortable and completely in their element. It’s just a shame that this atmosphere doesn’t spill over into the streets more often. I can’t tell you how happy I’d be to see Darth Vader or the Hulk on my way to grab a cup of coffee down on Main Street! People are just happy at these things, and I don’t ever recall seeing a fight at a con. People go to revel in things they’re passionate about and to meet the people behind these tv shows, books, and bands. And it’s rad.

The author panels i sat on were a lot of fun, as was discussing the state of gothic music with some very passionate fans on Saturday evening. We performed at midnight on Saturday to a packed ballroom using a sub-par PA system that would be more appropriate for a high school graduation ceremony. And it was a blast! A huge thanks to the staff at Mysticon and all the fans who made it such an incredible weekend! You guys are the best!


A sexy Vader:

A sexy mechanic:

A sexy Santa:

Mysticon, day 1

Tony & I arrived in Roanoke after noon yesterday & got our rooms and vendor table squared away. At 5 we were on a panel with the other guests of honor to kick off the weekend. Being a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica, I was psyched to be beside Nicki Clyne and Richard Hatch. She’s completely adorable and he’s as nice a guy as you’ll meet. To close out the ceremony Tony & I played an acoustic version of Earth Angel that I’m hoping shows up on YouTube. Richard threw in a pretty great high note at the end of the song that needs to be heard by the world!

Tonight we’re performing in Ballroom C at midnight. Come see us!

Richard Hatch:

With Nicki Clyne:



Ready for Mysticon

We’re excited to be attending MystiCon in Roanoke, VA for the 1st time this weekend!


Here’s where to find us:

Fri. 24th
5pm – Short acoustic performance, opening ceremonies.
11pm – Panel – The State of Fear (Andy & other horror authors discuss the state of horror fiction)

Sat. 25th
6pm – Panel – “Iron Author”
7pm – Panel – “Goth – Is it a Part of Fandom?”
12 midnightBella Morte live!

Sun. 26th
1pm – Short acoustic performance, closing ceremonies.

For more info click here!

Con Nooga rocked!

This weekend was amazing! Con Nooga has grown so much over the 3 years we’ve been there, and it gets better every time. Here are a few more shots from the event…

Just woke up at a Taco Bell.

Being executed by Emperials.

Marshall got his BSG on!

Tony and I traveling in style.

Sleeping Jordan.

Thanks to everyone who attended! More pix coming soon!



Today I got myself off the couch and into the recording studio for about thirty minutes. It may not sound like much, but believe me, it meant everything today. Getting home from a five-week-long tour sounds like it’d be a relief, but that sudden stop in movement always gets me down. I always snap out of it in a matter of days, but after waking up in a different city every day for so long it’s hard being stationary. But I made it to the studio… got very little done… added some distortion to a bass line, tweaked a drum line, nothing major. But it got me wanting to write and record again. I conjured up a lot of new song ideas out on the road inspired by all the different landscapes and people I ran into, and now I have some motivation to make them materialize.

I have plenty more to say about the tour, and I’ll continue posting on it ‘til the well runs dry. For now I’ll just say that it was one of the best, most enjoyable tours I’ve ever been a part of, and it left me wanting more. I can’t thank all the fans who came out to the shows enough, and hope that every damn one of you is listening to BEFORE THE FLOOD non-stop right now! :)


Last lunch of the tour:


Shaving before the show:

By Kristen McFarland:

Bringing People Together

I’ve noticed that we’ve been seeing a lot of fans that we hadn’t seen in ages on this tour. Last night in Milwaukee was a perfect example of that… Saw some faces that took me back to our early tours. It always rocks seeing those folks, gets me feeling all nostalgic.

Club Anything in Milwaukee is great. Every time we’ve played there the experience has been excellent. Our show last night rocked, and we even pulled an unplugged song out of our hat to close the night. And after the set I was lured back to the dance-floor when I herd Ladytron, and stayed there when the DJ followed it with Shiny Toy Guns.

The night before that we were in Kansas City after a very long drive from Salt Lake City. Had a fun show there for a small crowd. Before our set we saw a gay couple in a pretty serious argument… They almost got tossed from the club! However, during our set they were standing beside each other…. I asked them to kiss from stage and they did. It was a beautiful moment. Bella Morte truly does make the world a better place!

See you tomorrow night, Nashville!


Lunch in Kansas City:

We live a simple life:


Live in SLC:

Tour Journal – Distance

We played Salt Lake City for the first time in years tonight and had a great show. It’s awesome to see how much audiences are loving our new songs from Before The Flood… Feels very good after how much time, heart and effort went into making the album.

Tonight I saw some faces I hadn’t seen in a while, but everyone was as nice and enthusiastic as ever. It’s funny, we play a city, make a few friends there and sometimes don’t return for a year or more. When we do get back I always expect things to be as they were, but they rarely are. Relationships go sour, others flourish. Same with friendships and local bands. In my mind, ten minutes has gone by since I last saw everyone, but the reality is that these folks have been living life the whole time. But regardless of the changes, I love seeing the friends I’ve made here and there who have made touring so much more fun.

We’re on the road to Kansas now, a drive that will last 16 and a half hours. I foresee lots of coffee in my immediate future.


Dinner before the show:

In the bathroom picture messaging Eric, who was also in the bathroom:

Left on our van window after the show in LA:

Tour Journal – From Hollywood to a Ghost Town

Saturday night in LA was great. We always have a blast at Bar Sinister, and this show was no exception… The place was packed! We played our longest set of the tour and would have kept going if we could’ve. After the debacle in San Francisco we needed a show like that…

We had the following day off, so we got to hang out in LA. Tony hung out with his hot aunt, Jordan and Eric wandered the walk of stars, and I stayed at the hotel and watched football all day… which was great. The Steelers kicked ass and I got some time to veg out. Sunday night we moseyed down to the wax museum with some friends, but got there as it was closing. So we crossed the street and went to the Ripley’s Museum instead, which was basically like paying someone $15 to let you look around at articles on Wikipedia. Really, most of the exhibits involved manikins stationed beside wall-plaques that spelled out why the manikin should be worth looking at.

Today we started toward Salt Lake City, where we’re playing at Area 51. Along the way we saw a billboard advertising a place called “Calico Ghost Town.” We decided to stop, pulled off of I-15 and drove toward a 50’s-style diner called Peggy Sue’s. And the air was thick with bees! Like, thousands of them, literally. They were everywhere. I pulled up to the diner, baffled by the swarm of bees. We got out of the van, fearless adventurers that we are, and I asked a random guy what the hell was going on. Apparently, a truck carrying bees had been through, and some had escaped. It was crazy! No one was stung, and I can only hope that the bees were able to start new, happy lives in the desert. We got directions to the ghost town from a waitress and made our way three miles to the front gate. An older couple was manning the welcome station, and I believe they might have been the nicest folks I’ve ever met. We talked briefly about our band, and it turned out the guy was a guitarist that had done a lot of touring as well, mainly with old-style country bands. He waived the entrance fee and told us to have fun. And we did! The little mining town is definitely a tourist trap, but it’s still cool, and has one hell of a history.

After leaving we made our way back to Peggy Sue’s Diner for shakes. The waitresses were all great, and the shakes were to die for. Good stuff. Then it was back to I-15 east at eighty miles per hour. We’re at a hotel now, and tonight we’ll be performing at Area 51 in Salt Lake City!


Calico Ghost Town:

We just had to:

Shakes at Peggy Sue’s:

Tough Guy:

Tour Journal – A Turd in the Hall

We made it to San Francisco with time to spare. Found a hotel not too far from where we’d be playing, checked in and headed to our second-floor room. We ascended the steps, started down the hall… and that’s where we saw it: the turd in the hall. Little did we know that this nugget of feces would be the perfect metaphor for the rest of the evening.

After a couple hours of relaxing we made our way to The Retox Lounge, a small, gritty rock n roll club that seemed to have promise. The promise was a lie. When we started setting up our gear I noticed that none of the mic stands worked. I mean, they could hold a mic, but they damn well couldn’t be adjusted to suit my height. But I looked past it, determined to have a good show. But seconds later, when the sound-man asked me for an xlr cable due to his not having enough of them, I knew we were in trouble. That trouble came to a head 7 songs in to our set… We were at the end of Regret when the synths and vocals went away. The PA had died. The sound guy scrambled around for 10 minutes to get it working, and eventually did… kind of. We tried one more song, but after we kicked in we had to stop because the monitors weren’t on. I asked the sound man what was up with that, to which he responded, “oh, did you want those on?” That was it. We told him to forget about it and did an unplugged song before saying goodnight. The fans in attendance were great, and found the whole thing as funny as we did. We truly have the best fans in the world.

Today, while leaving the hotel, we found yet another turd in the hall. Go figure.


Backstage (in the van) in San Francisco:

Car on fire on I-5:

Some of the turds:

Tour Journal 9-16-2011

The trip to Arizona was long, but I didn’t mind at all. We spend a lot of time in cramped quarters, so some overnight time behind the wheel when the guys are crashed out is kind of nice. Our version of alone time. We had a good show in Scottsdale, met some really great fans who had driven a good ways to see us. Paul, the guy who owns Thunderstorm Books and published my last two novels, came to the show and brought copies of my latest novel, ALL THE DARKNESS IN THE WORLD, which I had sold out of at DragonCon. He and his wife took Tony and I out to eat and we had a blast… It feels good to work with such good people. We stayed with our friends Jeremy & Kara (she sings for the excellent goth band Reliquary) both nights we were in town. We ate at a cool little Mexican place that let us borrow their decorative sombreros and pose for photos with their donkey piñata. There were also several hours spent by Jeremy and I playing Call Of Duty.

We left for San Francisco late last night, and stopped to see the Cabazon dinosaurs, which you might recognize from the Tim Burton film, “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.” It was late, so we had to use the van’s headlights to take decent photos. I got tired around 8:30 this morning and had to pull off at a Walmart to sleep for a couple hours. Now Tony is driving us through a pretty valley on I-5, and I need some more sleep if I plan to jump around like a lunatic on stage tonight at the Retox Lounge.


Bella Muerte:

Pee Wee’s big ass dinosaur:

Eaten alive!:

Tour Journal – Jordan Gets Cuffed!

So we were staying with our close friend Veronyka in San Antonio over the weekend. It was great… we got to stretch out in front of a big TV and watch movies, sleep and eat as much as we wanted. Everything was going smoothly until the night Jordan decided he needed to call his mom to say hello. He’d taken a shower, grabbed his phone and walked outside. He took a seat on the curb in front of a nearby home to make the call. In less than five minutes he noticed red and blue lights heading down the street. The cop car stopped in front of him, and two large police officers got out and asked Jordan what he was doing. Jordan was confused, but told them where he was staying and explained exactly why he was outside and what he was doing. They didn’t buy it, started hassling him for an ID. Jordan admits that he got a little snippy with the cops at this point, because they were trying to make him put his hands on the car. Eventually they had him in cuffs for no good reason. He didn’t have his wallet on him, and explained that he had showered and that it was inside. The cops suggested that maybe he was lying about the shower and that maybe he had been swimming illegally in a neighbor’s pool. This suggestion was too ridiculous to merit any response. But eventually he talked them into knocking on Veronyka’s door so we could retrieve the ID.

We were all inside trading notes on goth bands we’re into when the doorbell rang. Veronyka had no idea who would come calling late at night, but we figured that Jordan might have locked himself out. She went to the door and was surprised to see the police. The rest of us went downstairs to have the cop explain that he needed Jordan’s ID. We went looking for it, rummaging through Jordan’s bags with no luck. Eventually the cops let Jordan in the house, in handcuffs, to try and find it. But the whole time they were inside Jordan kept pressing them for any reason he was in handcuffs being interrogated for sitting on a sidewalk on the phone. The cops kept saying things like, “welcome to Texas,” which didn’t clarify anything at all. The other thing they were completely fixated on was that Jordan didn’t have any shoes on. “You were outside in a neighbor’s yard with no shoes.” “You were outside in the middle of the night with no shoes.” “You didn’t have no shoes on, bro.” All of these things were said over and over and over like a skipping record. And I still can’t grasp the significance of bare feet. Is there a “no shoes, no service” law in Texas? Is there a statistic that shows that shoeless people are most likely to commit felonies? Was there a recent crime-wave involving shoe theft in San Antonio? Or maybe these guys’ dads work for Nike… I don’t know, but they wouldn’t shut up about the lack of shoes.

Eventually Jordan found his ID, dug it out while still cuffed and flipped it to one of the shoe-obsessed officers. They called him in, lied about a possible outstanding warrant for Jordan, and eventually left. We all spent the next hour laughing.


Jordan being set free before my eyes:

Tour Journal 09-13-2011

It’s nice to be stationary. After a few crazy drives that led us from Atlanta to Austin to New Orleans to San Antonio to Bryan, TX (in that order) we got to spend the day at a close friend’s house in San Antonio. The show in Bryan last night was about as small as the town, but we still had a great time. But the GPS told us the drive there from San Antonio was only 2 and a half hours, which had us smiling. Well, the GPS hadn’t counted on Texas being on fire… we hit a detour that added a half an hour to the drive. We saw miles and miles of black-ash covered ground, burned-down buildings and several community centers and businesses with hundreds of boxes of clothing and food laid out for those who lost everything to the fires.

I was tired on the drive back to San Antonio. Very tired. Tony sat up front and helped keep my head off the steering wheel, and at one point we were listening to Dr. Dre and Eminem. Tony was saying something about how great Eminem’s verses were and my sleep-deprived brain came up with the brilliant response, “yeah, that guy is nutty.” Tony immediately started laughing at me, and I tried arguing my point before the haze in my brain cleared a little and I could see my statement for what it was… mouth garbage spewed from an overly-tired dude. In normal, everyday life, I never use the word nutty unless I’m describing peanut butter or a candy bar. But we made it back to San Antonio without dying around six thirty in the morning and I was dead to the world in no time.

I woke up around 3pm and we went for lunch a little while later. Came back to our friend’s house and watched A Serbian Film, which I liked quite a lot, though I don’t recommend it to the squeamish. This evening I tried to get some more sleep but ended up staring at the TV. But the relaxation was nice, and will no-doubt help with the long drive to Phoenix where we’re playing on Thursday at Chaser’s. I feel good and I’m ready to get behind the wheel!

There’s a great story about Jordan almost getting arrested tonight coming soon… stay tuned!


Tony deals with an ass attack:

Bella Morte goes 3D:

Live @ DragonCon by Rachael Hill:

Tour Journal 09-10-2011

Not every show can be perfect. Last night in New Orleans we ran into sound problems. We don’t know what happened, but somewhere between soundcheck and taking the stage the sound-man got his lines mixed up. We had to stop the show at one point so he could figure things out. Stuff like that is very frustrating… We always want to put on our best show, whether we’re in front of 1000 people or 50. It’s hard to do when the stage is screaming with feedback.

But we had a fun night regardless, and made some new fans along the way. I’m writing this on my phone in the van while Tony drives us to San Antonio for tonight’s show. I started driving last night and only made it an hour before exhaustion forced me to pull over at a rest area to sleep. I rolled down the window before crashing, and was informed by Jordan that I let an angry flock of Mosquitos in the van. Luckily, none of my blood was taken. Jordan must taste better than me, and I’m ok with that.


View from the backseat:

Danger in the ladies’ room @ Subway:

New Orleans boobage:

Tour Journal 09-09-2011

I’m writing from backstage at the HiHo Lounge in New Orleans. It’s one of those small clubs where you can picture regulars who know the bartender on a first name basis taking the same seat at the bar every day of the week. They’re always good to us here, so we always look forward to coming back.

Last night we were at The Elysium in Austin, Texas. Ate good food from a hot dog truck that specialized in vegetarian hot dogs. Played an incredibly fun show and got to hang out with some friends we don’t get to see very often, one of them from my hometown of Charlottesville. I dig Austin… haven’t had the opportunity to spend much time there, but what I’ve seen I like. I would have loved to have had time to catch a horror film at the Alamo Draft House, which exists only in Texas with the exception of one location in Winchester, Virginia of all places. Go figure.

We hit the road right after the show last night with me behind the wheel. I’m pretty good at driving long stints at night, and actually find it pretty relaxing, but not so relaxing that I fall asleep and kill everyone in the band including myself. I’m not into the whole “mangle your friends” thing. If anyone kills everyone in the band it will be Tony after someone cuts him off while driving and he decides that running them off the road is more important than living. Anyway, I made my way down the highway through some of the most hideous retail sprawl I’ve ever seen. The sun came up, and seeing as I was heading east with no sunglasses, I was somewhat blind. I used the force to stay on the road, but when I started hearing Obi Wan’s voice I knew it was time to pull over. The first thing I found was a grocery store. I was asleep seconds after finding a space in the back of the lot and killing the engine. Woke up a couple hours later feeling a bit refreshed. Hit the road again and pulled another hour and a half before being drawn to a Denny’s sign off the side of the road. Eric and I woke up the guys, and we went inside and enjoyed a much-needed breakfast. Tony took over at the wheel after that and pulled the rest of the drive as I slept in the back.

Now we’re just waiting for tonight’s show to get started. I wish we had some extra time in New Orleans to explore, but we have an even longer drive ahead, all the way to San Antonio, Texas tonight. And even with the lack of sleep and the crazy long drives, I can’t imagine something I’d rather be doing…


Me with the Cinderella posse:

Tony backstage in New Orleans:

Left on our van window at last night’s show:

Coffee to get through the drive:

Tour Journal 9-6-2011 (part 2)

Days off on tour are wonderful. It’s nice to relax after the amazing chaos of DragonCon. We’re in a place called Beaumont, Texas now. We drove 12 hours yesterday and landed here, about 4 hours out of Austin. We went to see Shark Night 3D tonight, which I laughed at for all the wrong reasons. Now I’m considering a short walk to Waffle House for some awful late night dining. Tomorrow we’ll be seeking a Laundromat, and I might head back to the theater to see Apollo 18. It can’t be worse. Please say it can’t be worse…

I think we have a storm fetish. Days before the tour an earthquake shook Virginia, and the epicenter was pretty much my house. But we all survived, and in fact sustained no injuries or property damage. So where did we go? Directly northeast where hurricane Irene was threatening to take out New York, Boston and everything between. And again we survived, unscathed save a lost show in Boston. So we moved on to DragonCon under sunny skies and had an amazing weekend. But it was raining when we left on Monday, and by the time we’d gone a few hours the weather aps on our phones were letting us know that it was rather likely that a tornado would sweep the van off the road and into oblivion. But we persevered, continued on toward Texas. Which is on fire. Hopefully we won’t be. Given our track record, I fully expect us to drown in a tsunami or get smothered by an avalanche. In the meantime, we’ll see you at the shows.


Terrified before Shark Night 3D:

A stop at Halloween Express:


another from DragonCon:

Tour Journal 9-06-2011

DragonCon rocked! We played on Friday night to a huge, very loud audience that included zombies, robots, fairies and yeah, some humans too. We brought some of the undead on stage to dance to Earth Angel, and closed out the night with our cover of My Heart Will Go On to simultaneous screams of horror and excitement. Rogue from The Cruxshadows was watching the show from backstage, and during one of our tracks I brought him onstage for a very special serenade. It was a truly beautiful moment. After our set our buds in The Last Dance performed. It had been a long while since I’d seen them, so their show (which rocked!) was very nostalgic… but I promise I didn’t shed any tears… It was a late night and I got very little sleep.

Tony and I performed an acoustic set on Saturday. Our unplugged sets usually end up being fifty percent music and fifty percent goofing off… and we stayed true to that formula. The rest of the day was spent admiring crazy costumes, ogling the actors from Battlestar Galactica and signing CDs, books and shirts for fans. Our good friends Raven and Kane kept us in line at the merch table, so nothing got broken and no one went to jail.

We just pulled into Texas a short while ago… I have a lot more updating to do, but after 12 hours in the van I need some rest.


Hanging with our goblin buddy:

Empire of the Apes:

Tony & I under the lunar lander:

Darth Tits:

Tour Journal 9-1-2011

After the hugely successful show in NYC we drove all night and got back home to Charlottesville around 10am. We rarely get to see home once a tour begins, so this was kind of nice; picking up stuff we’d forgotten, hanging with family, sleeping in our own beds, etc.

On my day off I got a message from a fan asking about ticket prices for our show in Charlotte the next day. So I go to the website of the club we’re going to be at and find that we aren’t on the calendar. Shit. Big red flag. I get in touch with Tony, who handles dealing with promoters on tour, and he tells me that he’d been trying to call the girl who’d booked us and couldn’t reach her. When he finally hears from her, she claims to have cancelled the show by email a month ago, which we find out is complete bullshit after talking to our booking agent who has a complete record of their interactions. She was straight up lying. I was even more upset that she’d done this to our tour-mates in Inertia, who spent a lot of money to get to the US for these shows.

Today we’re in Savannah. Our GPS got us stuck on a long cobblestone road that got Jordan seasick, which I find hilarious. We’re playing Club One tonight, and then leave for DragonCon early tomorrow. That shit’s gonna rock.


Saying goodbye to the cats:

On the road:

With Valerie Gentile in NYC:

Tour Journal 8-30-2011

A big hell yeah to hurricane Irene for deciding to leave NYC alone for the most part. After getting the news that our Boston show had been cancelled we started thinking that the same might happen to our gig at The Delancey in New York City. We decided to stay in Manchester an extra day to see what was going to happen with the weather. We found a Super 8 and hunkered down, watched rain and heavy wind bending trees outside our window. But the storm passed with no harm done, so we enjoyed our day off. Eric and I went to see “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” and ate at a cool little joint called the Red Arrow Diner that I wish would up and move to my hometown. Eric is a vegetarian, but he accidentally got sausage with his meal, so we carved it into a penis and left it on the plate. I was pretty proud of the whole endeavor.

The drive to New York was fine. The weather was great, and traffic wasn’t too bad either. Can’t ask for much more than that when venturing into the city by van. We arrived at the club slightly late to find that our tour-mates Inertia and Synthetic Division were already inside getting their gear situated. I instantly fell in love with the club. It reminded me of a venue called Tokyo Rose where Gopal and I ran a goth night a few years back in Charlottesville. By the time we took the stage the place was packed. And the show was so fun! Easily my favorite of the tour thus far. Everyone there was going nuts, and I think three or four different people grabbed my nuts at different points during the show. I’ll very likely never know who the culprits are, but that’s the magic of rock n roll.

We left the venue and got right on the road for home, as it happens to be on the way to tomorrow’s gig. So tonight I get to sleep in my own bed! Then it’s back in the van for another month of shows, which I couldn’t be more excited about.


Outside The Delancey after the show:

Jordan refused the duckface challenge:

On the way home last night in a rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike:

Sausage penis:

At the movies!:

Tour Journal 8-28-2011

Just woke up in a hotel in Manchester, NH. We should be playing Boston tonight, but the club decided to shut down for the weekend in preparation for hurricane Irene. It’s disappointing, but I understand why they made the decision.

Our gig here last night was a lot of fun, and everyone who braved the coming storm to see us made for a killer, enthusiastic audience. Today we’re going to do a whole lot of nothing… just resting up, maybe catching a movie. Jordan is drumming for us, which means we will very likely see Shark Night 3D, as he has an unhealthy obsession with killer animal films. Tomorrow we’re in NYC at The Delancey, where admission is free! I’m very happy to see that NYC didn’t get hit too hard by the hurricane.

See you in NYC tomorrow night!

It’s broken now, but you can esca-later:

Manchester before the flood:

Sex party at Milly’s in Manchester:

Jordan crashed out:

Tour Journal 08-27-2011

Tonight ended with a rather surreal bang… An unexpected parade of insanity, if you will… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We made the 10 hour journey from Pittsburgh to Providence without any trouble. We even managed to avoid any major traffic, which is always a plus. And shortly after we got to the club our good friends in Synthetic Division showed up. Shawn (their vocalist and mastermind) lives down the street from me back in VA, so it rocked seeing a piece of home up here. I must admit that tonight’s show was somewhat of a disappointment. There was a small crowd on hand to see us, which is fine given that they all leave happy. But sometime during Inertia’s soundcheck the PA speakers blew, and they weren’t great to start with. We ended up running through the DJ speakers, which were nowhere near adequate. I was initially letting the situation drag down my mood, but then we started the set and all of that fell away. I love performing. Love singing and being on stage with some of my best friends. Very little in life compares to it, and I count myself lucky to have the opportunity to spend my life doing what I love.

We left the club and headed to our hotel, a really cool place called the Biltmore that has a pretty amazing history. Along the way the parade began…

It was 3 am. We stopped at a red light and watched a convertible Impala go flying through the intersection with its headlights off… Guy was in a big damn hurry to get somewhere. Then another car pulled into the intersection from the opposite side and stopped in the middle of the road. Guy paused for no reason and pulled off slowly… Seemed nervous. Next through the intersection was a dude on a bike who was also at top speed… We assumed he was chasing the convertible. Seconds later a female cop on a horse went trotting by in pursuit of both of them swinging a riding crop over her head like a Viking warrior. It was like the worst episode of Xenia ever. Soon a slew of cop cars, lights flashing and sirens blazing followed the horse. We sat watching all of this, stunned, confused and smiling. We went back to our hotel… Eric and Jordan walked to 7-11. On the way they found the Impala driver on the road beside his car, surrounded by cops and covered in blood. Amazing. Yay Providence!

We’re on the road to Manchester, NH now where we have a show tonight. Be there and stay tuned!


Arrested guy:

With Synthetic Division:

View from our hotel:

Tour Journal 08-26-2011

Played the 1st show of the tour in Pittsburgh, zombie capital of the world, last night to an enthusiastic crowd. Can’t imagine a more appropriate place for us to begin!

After our bud Eric showed up (he’s along for the rest of the tour to help out and do some filming) we said goodbyes around 1am and began the long trek toward Rhode Island. I took my contacts out at a Sheetz around 3am, got myself a coffee and settled in for the drive. Along the way we passed a 5 mile long stretch of lonely highway littered by a trail of clothing. Looked like someone was using their attire like breadcrumbs so they could find their way back to wherever they’d come from. Surreal. Feel like there’s a good short story in there somewhere i need to dig out… I drove til 7am when my eyelids got heavy and pulled off at a rest stop to crash out for a bit. Woke at 8:30, and now Tony’s driving. GPS says we’ll be in Providence by 2pm, and I’m looking damn forward to a hotel with a shower. I stink.

See you at the shows!



Before the Flood album release party

Check us out live at The Southern Music Hall in Charlottesville, VA on July 9th as we celebrate the release of our new album BEFORE THE FLOOD!  Doors open at 9pm and all ages are welcome.

Advance tickets are $6, & we advise getting them, especially if you are coming from out of town as the show will likely sell out.

Confirmed for Connooga 2011

If you weren’t at Connooga last year, you missed one hell of a good time! The event takes place in Chattanooga, TN Feb. 18th thru Feb 20th. We’ll be performing at midnight on Saturday, Feb. 19th, and will also appear on several music and writing panels… You can expect another unplugged set from us as well! I’ll post more details as they roll in… ~A

Tour dates!

We’re doing a week of shows this coming May with Synthetic Division here on the east coast!  The tour will include a performance at the 50th Dracula’s Ball in Philly, which seems appropriate seeing as we played the very first night of the event.  We will likely be debuting a song or two from our upcoming album on this tour, which we’re planning to have out in the fall.

If you haven’t heard Synthetic Division, I’d recommend heading over to their ReverbNation profile and giving them a listen!  Shawn Decker, the frontman of SD is also a published author, his memoir “My Pet Virus” published by Penguin Books a few years back.

Please spread the word about the shows folks!


PS- Sorry to destroy everyone’s hopes and dreams with that Robocop prank… we wish it was real too. :P

Digital Press Kits

Connooga Schedule

Connooga takes place Friday, Feb 19th through Sunday, Feb 21st in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We will be performing live and appearing on several panels.  Also, we’ll be finishing our video shoot for “In the Dirt” with Troma!

Click here for more details.

6:00 PM Friday – 7:00 PM Friday: Andy reading from “The Sticks
3:00 PM Saturday – 4:00 PM Saturday  : Authors Round Table with Andy
4:00 PM Saturday  -  5:00 PM Saturday  : From the Band’s POV
5:00 PM Saturday – 6:00 PM Saturday  : Bella Morte (acoustic performance)
11:30 PM Saturday  -  1:00 AM Sunday    : concert: Bella Morte
1:00 PM Sunday – 2:00 PM Sunday    : Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing with Andy

Show Resheduled for Sat, Jan 2nd!

Yeah folks, that’s this Saturday! Our show previously scheduled for December 19th at The Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VA has been rescheduled for this Saturday, and This Means You has been added to the bill in place of Egypt. The insane snowstorm that hit VA last week is to blame for the date change, so what was going to be the last show of ’09 is now going to be the first of 2010! See you there!  ~Andy

Bella Morte live @ The Jefferson Theater

Saturday, Jan. 2nd
The Jefferson Theater (Charlottesville, VA)
Doors @ 8pm
all ages welcome

Tickets on Sale Now for Dec 19th @ The Jefferson Theater

So we have one last show this year, and it’s going to be one hell of an event! We’re headlining at the newly-renovated Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, Virginia on December 19th, and I can’t imagine a better place to play our last show if 2009. The legendary “Egypt” will be opening the show, and for those of you not familiar with them, Andy Waldeck (Egypt’s bass player) co-produced our latest album “Beautiful Death”.

Doors open at 7:30pm and all ages are welcome to attend. Bella Morte will take the stage around 10pm.

I would highly recommend getting your tickets in advance for this one, and soon! Just follow the link below…

See you there!

Tour with Ego Likeness / Autographed books

Yep, we’re doing it again… had so much fun with the EL crew that we’re going to tour together again starting in late October! Here are the tentative dates… more will be announced soon!


There’s good news for those of you who have written me looking for signed copies of my book… They just became available on the Bella Morte online store. The book is doing great, and I’m working on getting a publishing deal for my 2nd one right now… it’s a vampire novel and I can’t wait to get it in your hands.

That’s all for now! Hope to see a lot of you at Dragon*Con next month!!!!!


Troma Films and Dragon*Con

I recently got some very exciting news concerning Dragon*Con… I’m assuming that all Bella Morte fans are familiar with Troma Films. I’ve loved them ever since watching The Toxic Avenger as a kid. If you’re unfamiliar with Troma, immediately CLICK HERE and check ‘em out! Now, to the point… Troma is going to be shooting a Bella Morte video, and the filming starts at our performance at Dragon*Con. So, if you want a cameo in the video, work your way to the front row at the show and you’ll have a damn good shot at making the final cut! Costumes are welcome, and I’m hoping to get the Bella Morte zombie squad (see previous blog entry) in the video as well!

We’ll be going on at 1:30 am on Friday (Saturday morning if you want to get technical), September 4th in the Hyatt’s Centennial Ballroom. Be there and get loud for the Troma film crew!

Also, I got the set time for our “unplugged” performance as well… 5pm on Saturday at the concourse outside the Centennial Ballroom in the Hyatt. I still don’t have info on our panel appearances, but I’m sure I’ll know something in the coming weeks.

See you soon!