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We made it safely home around 7pm last night after an amazing weekend at Mysticon in Roanoke, VA. To say I had fun would be the understatement of the century. There’s a vibe at these geek conventions (and being a certified geek myself, I feel a-okay using the term) that is somewhat hard to find elsewhere; A warmth of kindred souls meeting. I spent some time thinking about why that feeling exists, and came up with something very simple. People are happiest when they’re being exactly who they want to. With all the awesome, outlandish costumes at these things, it’s damn near impossible to judge anyone. So everyone seems comfortable and completely in their element. It’s just a shame that this atmosphere doesn’t spill over into the streets more often. I can’t tell you how happy I’d be to see Darth Vader or the Hulk on my way to grab a cup of coffee down on Main Street! People are just happy at these things, and I don’t ever recall seeing a fight at a con. People go to revel in things they’re passionate about and to meet the people behind these tv shows, books, and bands. And it’s rad.

The author panels i sat on were a lot of fun, as was discussing the state of gothic music with some very passionate fans on Saturday evening. We performed at midnight on Saturday to a packed ballroom using a sub-par PA system that would be more appropriate for a high school graduation ceremony. And it was a blast! A huge thanks to the staff at Mysticon and all the fans who made it such an incredible weekend! You guys are the best!


A sexy Vader:

A sexy mechanic:

A sexy Santa:

13 thoughts on “Home from Mysticon

  1. shan k

    You guys rocked it out Saturday night, shitty PA and all. Loved it. If I hadn’t thrown away my debit card with my dinner trash, we’d already own CDs and some of that pleasing metallic-paper-pictures art. I shall remedy that soon. ;). Right on about the con vibe. So relaxing to be around other people happy to be who and where they are. Includes you all! Mohawks and smiles ftw. :-* Much love to you all on the journey. Hope to see you again soon!

    1. admin Post author

      We had so much fun! Sorry to hear about your debit card… And I hope your dinner was damn good to make up for it! :) Big virtual hugs to you for being rad! :) -Andy

  2. Krys

    This was my first time seeing you guys and you rocked. I have to say, though, that the whole time you were on stage I was concerned that you were going to give yourself a concussion on the chandelier. Let’s hope next time your stage is in a little better place. Even with the sub-par sound system you still sounded great! Now I need to start getting all of your albums. Can’t wait until I get the chance to see you guys live again.

    I love cons but the problem I have is that I don’t want to go back to the real world. The drive home is the worst for me. I feel like I’m leaving a part of me behind.

    1. Andy Post author

      Krys, so glad you had fun at the show! Though I didn’t hit my head, I did manage to punch the chandelier a couple times and it hurt like hell… But I got over it fast! :) -Andy

  3. Lord Fluffy

    Damn good show. I don’t think I’ve had that much fun dancing since they shut the Chamber down in Atlanta.

    You guys had great stage chemistry, though I feel I must point how much fun Andy looks like he’s having on stage, in particular. (Seriously, dude, I kept expecting that, with the way you were bouncing around, you were going to headbutt the chandelier.)

    Can you post the set list for your Mysticon Performance? This will deeply assist in me figuring out where to start in your catalog.

    Besides “My Heart Will Go On”, I mean. That one is pretty much a given.


    1. Andy Post author

      Lord Fluffy – that chandelier was a bit scary! Glad you had fun on the dancefloor… and here’s the setlist!

      Another Way
      The Metro
      Find Forever Gone
      Can’t Let This Die
      Falling Star
      Eyes of a Ghost
      On the Edge
      The Morning Sun
      My Heart Will Go On

  4. Keith Stanley

    On behalf of all the MystiCon staff, we loved having you with us and you guys rocked the joint. I’ve heard nothing but good comments about both the show and Bella Morte in general. Now that I’ve had time to crash and recuperate, I can’t wait until next year when we can do it all again!

    -Big K

    1. Andy Post author

      Hey Big K! Thanks for helping out with everything and making the weekend that much easier and more enjoyable for all of us! We’ll make even more noise next year!

  5. KittySuar

    You guys were damn right amazing! I loved you all, and exspecially you Andy, for giving much needed advice and being supportive and friendly. Anyway, I hope I see you at other Anime/Geek Conventions sometime this year of 2012. xD But anyway, I needed to talk to you about a damnaged Merchandise I bought from you guys on Saturday!.

    1. Andy Post author

      KittySuar – We love conventions and geeks, so when they are combined we want to be there! Definitely hope to see you again soon! ~Andy


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