Join us on the 2013 Gothic Cruise!

What could be better than a week at sea with your favorite goth band? Nothing! :) We’re officially booked to perform on the 2013 Gothic Cruise! Start making travel plans ASAP, as space is limited and we fully expect this awesome, unique event to sell out!

Get more info here!

Rare & Unreleased vol 1 CD pre-order

We have gotten a mountain of requests for physical copies of Rare And Unreleased (Volume 1), so I’ve decided to do a very limited CD run!

Pre-order now to get this compilation of our previously-unreleased early work, including the song “Fall No More” and our first demo release “Remorse”!

If you are one of the few awesome people who is waiting on Kickstarter items, they will ship with the album!!

Item is SOLD OUT


Home from Mysticon

We made it safely home around 7pm last night after an amazing weekend at Mysticon in Roanoke, VA. To say I had fun would be the understatement of the century. There’s a vibe at these geek conventions (and being a certified geek myself, I feel a-okay using the term) that is somewhat hard to find elsewhere; A warmth of kindred souls meeting. I spent some time thinking about why that feeling exists, and came up with something very simple. People are happiest when they’re being exactly who they want to. With all the awesome, outlandish costumes at these things, it’s damn near impossible to judge anyone. So everyone seems comfortable and completely in their element. It’s just a shame that this atmosphere doesn’t spill over into the streets more often. I can’t tell you how happy I’d be to see Darth Vader or the Hulk on my way to grab a cup of coffee down on Main Street! People are just happy at these things, and I don’t ever recall seeing a fight at a con. People go to revel in things they’re passionate about and to meet the people behind these tv shows, books, and bands. And it’s rad.

The author panels i sat on were a lot of fun, as was discussing the state of gothic music with some very passionate fans on Saturday evening. We performed at midnight on Saturday to a packed ballroom using a sub-par PA system that would be more appropriate for a high school graduation ceremony. And it was a blast! A huge thanks to the staff at Mysticon and all the fans who made it such an incredible weekend! You guys are the best!


A sexy Vader:

A sexy mechanic:

A sexy Santa:

Mysticon, day 1

Tony & I arrived in Roanoke after noon yesterday & got our rooms and vendor table squared away. At 5 we were on a panel with the other guests of honor to kick off the weekend. Being a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica, I was psyched to be beside Nicki Clyne and Richard Hatch. She’s completely adorable and he’s as nice a guy as you’ll meet. To close out the ceremony Tony & I played an acoustic version of Earth Angel that I’m hoping shows up on YouTube. Richard threw in a pretty great high note at the end of the song that needs to be heard by the world!

Tonight we’re performing in Ballroom C at midnight. Come see us!

Richard Hatch:

With Nicki Clyne:



Ready for Mysticon

We’re excited to be attending MystiCon in Roanoke, VA for the 1st time this weekend!


Here’s where to find us:

Fri. 24th
5pm – Short acoustic performance, opening ceremonies.
11pm – Panel – The State of Fear (Andy & other horror authors discuss the state of horror fiction)

Sat. 25th
6pm – Panel – “Iron Author”
7pm – Panel – “Goth – Is it a Part of Fandom?”
12 midnightBella Morte live!

Sun. 26th
1pm – Short acoustic performance, closing ceremonies.

For more info click here!

Con Nooga rocked!

This weekend was amazing! Con Nooga has grown so much over the 3 years we’ve been there, and it gets better every time. Here are a few more shots from the event…

Just woke up at a Taco Bell.

Being executed by Emperials.

Marshall got his BSG on!

Tony and I traveling in style.

Sleeping Jordan.

Thanks to everyone who attended! More pix coming soon!


It’s here! Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m happy to let you know that RARE AND UNRELEASED (VOLUME 1) is now available for download!  Here are a few places to find it…

Official Bella Morte online store


Amazon (the album’s only been out a few hours and we’re already #6 in Goth/Ind.!)

Track Listing
1. Fall No More
2. Through The Window
3. Neverland (version 2.0)
4. Relics (alternate version)
5. The Coffin Don’t Want Me And She Don’t Either (alternate recording)
6. Party Time
7. Nevere (from the Remorse EP)
8. Remorse (from the Remorse EP)
9. Angels And Faith (from the Remorse EP)
10. A Memory Kept (from the Remorse EP)
11. One Winter’s Night (from the Remorse EP)
12. Stygian Shores (from the Remorse EP)

Coming this Valentine’s Day – Rare and Unreleased (volume 1)

This Valentine’s Day (February 14th) we’ll be releasing a digital-only collection of hard to find tracks from the early days of the band!  Mark your calendars and spread the word!

BELLA MORTE – Rare and Unreleased (volume 1)
This digital-only release compiles material from the early years of Bella Morte.  It features the song “Fall No More” from the “Vampire The Masquerade : Music From The Succubus Club” compilation, available for the first time in years.  Included in its entirety is the bands’ first EP “Remorse” which was recorded in the band’s rehearsal space directly to cassette soon after the band was formed. “Remorse” was sold as a cassette-only, limited-edition EP, and helped to fund Bella Morte’s debut full-length album, “Remains”.   Also included on this compilation is a cover of the classic 45 Grave song “Party Time” which was made famous by the film “Return of the Living Dead”, and the long sought after “Through The Window”, which was recorded for the album “The Quiet” but was never released.

This album will be available through Amazon, iTunes and most anywhere that sells digital music!

Andy’s latest novel available for Kindle!

Andy’s latest horror novel, ALL THE DARKNESS IN THE WORLD, is now available for Kindle from  And better yet, it’s only $4.99! Check out the foreword written by the one and only Voltaire!

Click here to get it!

For those of you who prefer a hardcopy, visit the Bella Morte online store by clicking here.

Andy’s new novel back in stock!

You can get my latest horror novel ALL THE DARKNESS IN THE WORLD right here since they can’t seem to keep it in stock on Amazon!  The book features a foreword written by the one and only Voltaire!

Click the image to get your copy!

As a troubled teenager, Jace witnesses a horrible murder at the hands of a monster in an alleyway near his house.  He narrowly escapes with his life, and over time comes to wonder if what he saw was real.

As a young adult, he moves away from home to find that some memories don’t fade so easily.  And sometimes monsters come back.  Now people from Jace’s past are disappearing one by one, and the white-eyed, pale creature from his youth has returned with a taste for blood, and will stop at nothing to see Jace dead.

Soon Jace finds himself not only fighting for his life, but for his soul.