Tour Journal 9-6-2011 (part 2)

Days off on tour are wonderful. It’s nice to relax after the amazing chaos of DragonCon. We’re in a place called Beaumont, Texas now. We drove 12 hours yesterday and landed here, about 4 hours out of Austin. We went to see Shark Night 3D tonight, which I laughed at for all the wrong reasons. Now I’m considering a short walk to Waffle House for some awful late night dining. Tomorrow we’ll be seeking a Laundromat, and I might head back to the theater to see Apollo 18. It can’t be worse. Please say it can’t be worse…

I think we have a storm fetish. Days before the tour an earthquake shook Virginia, and the epicenter was pretty much my house. But we all survived, and in fact sustained no injuries or property damage. So where did we go? Directly northeast where hurricane Irene was threatening to take out New York, Boston and everything between. And again we survived, unscathed save a lost show in Boston. So we moved on to DragonCon under sunny skies and had an amazing weekend. But it was raining when we left on Monday, and by the time we’d gone a few hours the weather aps on our phones were letting us know that it was rather likely that a tornado would sweep the van off the road and into oblivion. But we persevered, continued on toward Texas. Which is on fire. Hopefully we won’t be. Given our track record, I fully expect us to drown in a tsunami or get smothered by an avalanche. In the meantime, we’ll see you at the shows.


Terrified before Shark Night 3D:

A stop at Halloween Express:


another from DragonCon:

Tour Journal 9-06-2011

DragonCon rocked! We played on Friday night to a huge, very loud audience that included zombies, robots, fairies and yeah, some humans too. We brought some of the undead on stage to dance to Earth Angel, and closed out the night with our cover of My Heart Will Go On to simultaneous screams of horror and excitement. Rogue from The Cruxshadows was watching the show from backstage, and during one of our tracks I brought him onstage for a very special serenade. It was a truly beautiful moment. After our set our buds in The Last Dance performed. It had been a long while since I’d seen them, so their show (which rocked!) was very nostalgic… but I promise I didn’t shed any tears… It was a late night and I got very little sleep.

Tony and I performed an acoustic set on Saturday. Our unplugged sets usually end up being fifty percent music and fifty percent goofing off… and we stayed true to that formula. The rest of the day was spent admiring crazy costumes, ogling the actors from Battlestar Galactica and signing CDs, books and shirts for fans. Our good friends Raven and Kane kept us in line at the merch table, so nothing got broken and no one went to jail.

We just pulled into Texas a short while ago… I have a lot more updating to do, but after 12 hours in the van I need some rest.


Hanging with our goblin buddy:

Empire of the Apes:

Tony & I under the lunar lander:

Darth Tits:

Tour Journal 9-1-2011

After the hugely successful show in NYC we drove all night and got back home to Charlottesville around 10am. We rarely get to see home once a tour begins, so this was kind of nice; picking up stuff we’d forgotten, hanging with family, sleeping in our own beds, etc.

On my day off I got a message from a fan asking about ticket prices for our show in Charlotte the next day. So I go to the website of the club we’re going to be at and find that we aren’t on the calendar. Shit. Big red flag. I get in touch with Tony, who handles dealing with promoters on tour, and he tells me that he’d been trying to call the girl who’d booked us and couldn’t reach her. When he finally hears from her, she claims to have cancelled the show by email a month ago, which we find out is complete bullshit after talking to our booking agent who has a complete record of their interactions. She was straight up lying. I was even more upset that she’d done this to our tour-mates in Inertia, who spent a lot of money to get to the US for these shows.

Today we’re in Savannah. Our GPS got us stuck on a long cobblestone road that got Jordan seasick, which I find hilarious. We’re playing Club One tonight, and then leave for DragonCon early tomorrow. That shit’s gonna rock.


Saying goodbye to the cats:

On the road:

With Valerie Gentile in NYC:

Tour Journal 8-30-2011

A big hell yeah to hurricane Irene for deciding to leave NYC alone for the most part. After getting the news that our Boston show had been cancelled we started thinking that the same might happen to our gig at The Delancey in New York City. We decided to stay in Manchester an extra day to see what was going to happen with the weather. We found a Super 8 and hunkered down, watched rain and heavy wind bending trees outside our window. But the storm passed with no harm done, so we enjoyed our day off. Eric and I went to see “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” and ate at a cool little joint called the Red Arrow Diner that I wish would up and move to my hometown. Eric is a vegetarian, but he accidentally got sausage with his meal, so we carved it into a penis and left it on the plate. I was pretty proud of the whole endeavor.

The drive to New York was fine. The weather was great, and traffic wasn’t too bad either. Can’t ask for much more than that when venturing into the city by van. We arrived at the club slightly late to find that our tour-mates Inertia and Synthetic Division were already inside getting their gear situated. I instantly fell in love with the club. It reminded me of a venue called Tokyo Rose where Gopal and I ran a goth night a few years back in Charlottesville. By the time we took the stage the place was packed. And the show was so fun! Easily my favorite of the tour thus far. Everyone there was going nuts, and I think three or four different people grabbed my nuts at different points during the show. I’ll very likely never know who the culprits are, but that’s the magic of rock n roll.

We left the venue and got right on the road for home, as it happens to be on the way to tomorrow’s gig. So tonight I get to sleep in my own bed! Then it’s back in the van for another month of shows, which I couldn’t be more excited about.


Outside The Delancey after the show:

Jordan refused the duckface challenge:

On the way home last night in a rest stop on the Jersey Turnpike:

Sausage penis:

At the movies!:

Tour Journal 8-28-2011

Just woke up in a hotel in Manchester, NH. We should be playing Boston tonight, but the club decided to shut down for the weekend in preparation for hurricane Irene. It’s disappointing, but I understand why they made the decision.

Our gig here last night was a lot of fun, and everyone who braved the coming storm to see us made for a killer, enthusiastic audience. Today we’re going to do a whole lot of nothing… just resting up, maybe catching a movie. Jordan is drumming for us, which means we will very likely see Shark Night 3D, as he has an unhealthy obsession with killer animal films. Tomorrow we’re in NYC at The Delancey, where admission is free! I’m very happy to see that NYC didn’t get hit too hard by the hurricane.

See you in NYC tomorrow night!

It’s broken now, but you can esca-later:

Manchester before the flood:

Sex party at Milly’s in Manchester:

Jordan crashed out:

Tour Journal 08-27-2011

Tonight ended with a rather surreal bang… An unexpected parade of insanity, if you will… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We made the 10 hour journey from Pittsburgh to Providence without any trouble. We even managed to avoid any major traffic, which is always a plus. And shortly after we got to the club our good friends in Synthetic Division showed up. Shawn (their vocalist and mastermind) lives down the street from me back in VA, so it rocked seeing a piece of home up here. I must admit that tonight’s show was somewhat of a disappointment. There was a small crowd on hand to see us, which is fine given that they all leave happy. But sometime during Inertia’s soundcheck the PA speakers blew, and they weren’t great to start with. We ended up running through the DJ speakers, which were nowhere near adequate. I was initially letting the situation drag down my mood, but then we started the set and all of that fell away. I love performing. Love singing and being on stage with some of my best friends. Very little in life compares to it, and I count myself lucky to have the opportunity to spend my life doing what I love.

We left the club and headed to our hotel, a really cool place called the Biltmore that has a pretty amazing history. Along the way the parade began…

It was 3 am. We stopped at a red light and watched a convertible Impala go flying through the intersection with its headlights off… Guy was in a big damn hurry to get somewhere. Then another car pulled into the intersection from the opposite side and stopped in the middle of the road. Guy paused for no reason and pulled off slowly… Seemed nervous. Next through the intersection was a dude on a bike who was also at top speed… We assumed he was chasing the convertible. Seconds later a female cop on a horse went trotting by in pursuit of both of them swinging a riding crop over her head like a Viking warrior. It was like the worst episode of Xenia ever. Soon a slew of cop cars, lights flashing and sirens blazing followed the horse. We sat watching all of this, stunned, confused and smiling. We went back to our hotel… Eric and Jordan walked to 7-11. On the way they found the Impala driver on the road beside his car, surrounded by cops and covered in blood. Amazing. Yay Providence!

We’re on the road to Manchester, NH now where we have a show tonight. Be there and stay tuned!


Arrested guy:

With Synthetic Division:

View from our hotel:

Tour Journal 08-26-2011

Played the 1st show of the tour in Pittsburgh, zombie capital of the world, last night to an enthusiastic crowd. Can’t imagine a more appropriate place for us to begin!

After our bud Eric showed up (he’s along for the rest of the tour to help out and do some filming) we said goodbyes around 1am and began the long trek toward Rhode Island. I took my contacts out at a Sheetz around 3am, got myself a coffee and settled in for the drive. Along the way we passed a 5 mile long stretch of lonely highway littered by a trail of clothing. Looked like someone was using their attire like breadcrumbs so they could find their way back to wherever they’d come from. Surreal. Feel like there’s a good short story in there somewhere i need to dig out… I drove til 7am when my eyelids got heavy and pulled off at a rest stop to crash out for a bit. Woke at 8:30, and now Tony’s driving. GPS says we’ll be in Providence by 2pm, and I’m looking damn forward to a hotel with a shower. I stink.

See you at the shows!



Before the Flood album release party

Check us out live at The Southern Music Hall in Charlottesville, VA on July 9th as we celebrate the release of our new album BEFORE THE FLOOD!  Doors open at 9pm and all ages are welcome.

Advance tickets are $6, & we advise getting them, especially if you are coming from out of town as the show will likely sell out.

Undertow, My Heart Will Go On now available

UNDERTOW, the 1st single from BEFORE THE FLOOD, is now available from several retailers to download.  It includes the long-awaited studio version of our cover of MY HEART WILL GO ON by Celine Dion.

Click any of the links below to get both tracks!

Metropolis Records




34 Hours and Counting!

The Kickstarter campaign to raise money for our new album, BEFORE THE FLOOD, has already been a huge success! We passed our minimum goal of $2500 in no time and are now over the $6000 mark! This means a ton to us… mainly, van repairs that have been put off for too long and some new equipment to replace the stuff that isn’t working anymore. Plus, videos to promote the album!

You still have 34 hours to contribute to the campaign and become a part of making this album a reality… And you can still get tons of cool BM swag for helping out… All contributors get our exclusive cover of the Depeche Mode song, Never Let Me Down… And at the $250 mark you get a one minute song original song about how awesome we think you are! :)

Please stop by and help out. It means the world to us!



Help make a Bella Morte album!

I just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the production and promotion of our upcoming album, “Before the Flood,” and you can get some amazing, rare Bella Morte swag for helping out!  If you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, it’s basically a way for artists to raise money to cover the costs of making their art a reality.  You an donate as little as $1, and the more you pledge the better the premiums you’ll get in return.  Please post a link to our Kickstarter on your Facebook profile and mention it on Twitter… every little bit helps!  Thanks so much for all of your continued love and support over the years… we wouldn’t still be doing it without you.

All My Best,

Click the image below to find out more…

Andy’s new vampire novel

My new vampire novel, ALL THE DARKNESS IN THE WORLD, is available for pre-order! Only 75 copies will ever be printed of this signed, limited-edition hardcover. Pre-orders are being accepted now at Horror Mall. A softcover edition will be available later on in 2011.

Please spread the word, guys and gals! And thanks so much for all your support!

Click here to pre-order from Horror Mall.

Confirmed for Connooga 2011

If you weren’t at Connooga last year, you missed one hell of a good time! The event takes place in Chattanooga, TN Feb. 18th thru Feb 20th. We’ll be performing at midnight on Saturday, Feb. 19th, and will also appear on several music and writing panels… You can expect another unplugged set from us as well! I’ll post more details as they roll in… ~A

Andy Releases Debut Solo Album as THE RAIN WITHIN

It’s finally here. My debut solo album took many months of long nights to complete, but I’m proud to have finished it and happy to unleash it on the world. I did everything on my own, from the writing to the recording, so it’s a very personal release, very close to my heart.

The name of the project, The Rain Within, has origins that will be pretty clear to most Bella Morte fans. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it comes from the Bella Morte song “The Rain Within Her Hands” from the album “Where Shadows Lie.” The music on the new album has a similar feel to that song, and is synth driven, so it just seemed right.

There’s no big promotional push behind this album, no big record label dumping tons of dollars into magazine ads and tour support… it’s just me and you, the people who like what I’ve done and want to get behind it. I appreciate the hell out of every sale, and there are several other ways you can help make this album a success without spending a penny, so please spread the word through social networks like twitter, facebook, vampirefreaks, myspace, etc…

Pre-order the debut CD, “Pain Management,” now by clicking below!

-The first 100 copies will be autographed and will include a free TRW pin!
-If you would like the autograph made out to yourself or a friend, click the “add special instructions to merchant” link before paying to let me know!

I’ve said enough for now, so without further ado, here it is, the first track from The Rain Within…

Band website builder
You can download this track for FREE at ReverbNation!

Here are a few links you should check out…
TRW website

TRW @ ReverbNation
TRW @ VampireFreaks
TRW @ Myspace

Also, if you are a radio or club DJ and would like promo tracks, please contact me directly at intothefar-at-gmail-dot-com.

Now, back to the studio to get the next Bella Morte CD finished! There’s just no rest for the wicked…

~Andy, July 2010

Troma Films presents In The Dirt!

We began our first collaboration with Lloyd Kaufman and the crew at Troma Films at DragonCon last fall and wrapped up shooting at Connooga in February.  Well, they just finished editing the video, and I couldn’t be more psyched about how things turned out!  I would have never thought having my brains stomped out of my head by the Toxic Avenger could be so much damn fun!  Here you go, the world premier of “In the Dirt!”  Spread the word!

In The Dirt – Directed by LLoyd Kaufman

“The Third House” now available to order

Andy’s novella, “The Third House” is now available to order from Horror Mall!

The Third House by Andy Deane
-They had driven similar roads on similar nights hundreds of times before. They’d grown accustomed to empty stretches of pavement that led to grimy nightclubs and seedy bars. But on this night, one wrong turn will lead a group of band-mates on tour down a gravel highway to a place where nightmares live, breathe… and walk. Soon the five friends will encounter a family of creatures that are both monstrous and somewhat human at once, and this tour may very well be their last.

Click here to order yours!

Photo Contest

I’m looking for a great author photo for my upcoming novel “All the Darkness in the World” and want to give you a shot at taking it! Here’s what you’ll need to do to participate:

1. Come out to a show on the upcoming Bella Morte tour this May.
2. Snap a hi-res photo of me on stage.
3. Email the pic to

What’s in it for you?
1. A photo credit in the book!
2. An autographed copy of the book (to be released fall, 2010)
3. A button set including art from both my novels
4. A free pass to the next Bella Morte show in your area

See you at the shows!

Andy Deane of Bella Morte

Tour dates!

We’re doing a week of shows this coming May with Synthetic Division here on the east coast!  The tour will include a performance at the 50th Dracula’s Ball in Philly, which seems appropriate seeing as we played the very first night of the event.  We will likely be debuting a song or two from our upcoming album on this tour, which we’re planning to have out in the fall.

If you haven’t heard Synthetic Division, I’d recommend heading over to their ReverbNation profile and giving them a listen!  Shawn Decker, the frontman of SD is also a published author, his memoir “My Pet Virus” published by Penguin Books a few years back.

Please spread the word about the shows folks!


PS- Sorry to destroy everyone’s hopes and dreams with that Robocop prank… we wish it was real too. :P

Digital Press Kits

Robocop to join Bella Morte!

We are proud to announce the latest addition to Bella Morte’s line-up…  ROBOCOP!

Bella Morte and Robocop!

Robocop will be joining the band on the upcoming spring spring tour with Synthetic Division.  He will primarily be playing the saxophone, but his uncanny ability to play keyboard and guitar at the same time is sure to wow the fans.  When asked about the decision to add a member, front-man Andy Deane said, “I’m both excited and terrified.  It definitely adds another element to our sound.”  When pressed for reaction, Tony Lechmanski said, “Robocop rules.”

Connooga – The Fallout

I wanted to drop in last night with a note but was too exhausted to make it happen. I ended up asleep on the couch with a cat on my head within fifteen minutes of coming through the door.  But I wanted to thank all our fans for making Connooga such an amazing experience!  I’ll be posting photos from the event shortly.

For those who don’t know, we’ve been working on a video for our song “In the Dirt” with Troma Films.  There’s a scene where the Toxic Avenger and Leslie (one fine Tromette!) chase the band into a classroom and eventually stomps my head into a fine red paste.  This was done using a cantaloupe filled with crushed beets.  Two perfectly good, white button-up shirts were ruined in the process, requiring a morning jaunt to Target so I’d have one for the show.  We shot the rest of the footage at the show, where Toxie and Leslie chased me off the stage.  The fans were featured heavily in this part, and Lloyd had them screaming and jumping up and down until their legs ached and their voices were sore and faint… it’s awesome to know that you guys will endure this kind of torture for us, and we love you for it!  Troma will likely finish editing the video in a month or so. If you haven’t already, sign up to our mailing list (in the left column) so I can let you know when it’s is done. It’s going to be epic! I miss Toxie already.

Tony and I performed an “unplugged” set in the exhibitor’s hall.  When we arrived we noticed there was no PA system for us to hook up to, which meant we couldn’t mic Tony’s guitar or either of our vocals… At first we thought we might not be able to do the set, but figuring we had nothing to lose decided to give it a go.  And it ended up being a truly great time.  People gathered around us like we were playing songs over a camp fire.  No microphones at all, just a guitar and a couple of voices.  It was the most naked performance we’ve ever done, and I’m left feeling like I want to do it again.  It’s amazing what can come from a seemingly negative situation if you go in with a decent attitude.

I met some fellow authors at the author panels… Dan Jolley, D.A. Adams, Stephen Zimmer (whose identity I briefly stole), Shane Berryhill, Mary Kowal, Robert Freese, and a few others I’m sure to be forgetting at the moment due to the fact that I consider 11am to be early.  Check these guys out, and if you ever run into any of them, remind them that they owe me lunch… and dessert. The panels were a lot of fun, even if my tendency to goof off sent us flying off course every ten minutes or so.

Tony and I were on a band panel with Ricky from Radio Cult that had no agenda whatsoever… We ended up telling our funniest and most repulsive road stories and having a blast! Sometimes chaos is the right way to go.

Huge thanks to Lloyd Kaufman, Leslie, Raven, Opal, the A NEW LOW crew, and Todd!  See you next year, Connooga!


Connooga Schedule

Connooga takes place Friday, Feb 19th through Sunday, Feb 21st in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We will be performing live and appearing on several panels.  Also, we’ll be finishing our video shoot for “In the Dirt” with Troma!

Click here for more details.

6:00 PM Friday – 7:00 PM Friday: Andy reading from “The Sticks
3:00 PM Saturday – 4:00 PM Saturday  : Authors Round Table with Andy
4:00 PM Saturday  -  5:00 PM Saturday  : From the Band’s POV
5:00 PM Saturday – 6:00 PM Saturday  : Bella Morte (acoustic performance)
11:30 PM Saturday  -  1:00 AM Sunday    : concert: Bella Morte
1:00 PM Sunday – 2:00 PM Sunday    : Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing with Andy